Company Turn Around Record for Bespoke Order.

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Not many metal stockists can claim to turn around a bespoke production run from initial order to delivery in just 24 hours, but that’s what we at Metals Direct were able to do recently.  Our customer had a breakdown on their service boat involving the main Aluminium Bronze Stern Gear Bearing. Whilst the boat was at sea, divers took measurements and relayed them to our customer.  Our customer was looking for same day collection: being prepared to send a driver to our supplier to collect. Well, we were able to facilitate this, but not in a way you might expect. It just so happened that our supplier was Centrifugally Casting Aluminium Bronze AB2 Hollow Bar that very day. Our supplier took the sizes, quoted us and said that if we got the order to them within the next ten minutes there’d be enough time for the piece to cool for our customer’s driver to collect it that day.  So, we made our offer, took the order and placed our own purchase order. Within the hour we had relayed the information to our customer and they had despatched their driver. As a result, the Aluminium Bronze Hollow Billet was on our customer’s machine whilst the boat was still returning to port.  To find out more about how Metals Direct can help fulfil your materials requirements please feel free to contact us.